Capturing your intimate and vulnerable moments as well as your raw and unfiltered emotions are what I live for. To forever preserve the love and passion between you and your hunny and tell the story of how you met the love of your life is my mission. Your authentic story is captivating and should be documented in a way that you've always envisioned! This is the most special day of your life - your once in a lifetime moment - and it should be treated just like that! 

Basking in the giddiness and excitement as you prepare to see the love of your life for the very first time. All that time planning for this very moment - the moment that you've been waiting for, for what seems like a lifetime... the start of your forever and your happily ever after. These moments are too precious to let slip away. The emotions and feelings that you feel during these moments - the simultaneous feeling of excitement and nervousness as you prepare to walk down the aisle - these should be preserved forever.


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Telling your story in a new light that captures the passion that you share while preserving the little and in-between moments that make your story unique is where my heart lies. The random and in between moments are those cheeky smiles, the random giggles, and all the excitement that floods your heart on your wedding day that truly tells your story! I want you to not only remember the moment, but to also reminisce on how you felt while being present! 

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Photos are a priceless investment. These immortalize not only your moment but the way you felt as the moment flies by. Will you remember the way he shed a single tear as he watched you walk down that aisle in your dream wedding dress? Will you remember all the giddiness and excitement that you felt as you stepped into your dress to see the love of your life for the first time on your wedding day? In twenty-five years, will you remember the tenderness and love that you felt as you kissed your spouse for the very first time? 



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