Three Ways to Elevate Your Wedding Day

Are you a bride ballin’ on a budget but have dreamt of your wedding day since you were little? Where do we start? Here are three ways that you can elevate your wedding day without spending too much money!

Invest in Florals

Investing in real blooms and greenery can elevate your bouquet. After all, this is part of the center of attention right? Elevating your wedding bouquet not only brings all of your floral dreams come true, but also allows for your beautiful dream wedding to come to life. Investing in your wedding bouquet can set the stage and overall vibe for your wedding day. If you have a little bit of wiggle room in the budget after investing in your bouquet, I highly suggest putting more money in greenery for the table settings. This can elevate your reception space and also creates a little pop of green here and there!

Arizona Florist Suggestion: Urban Desert Flora

Invest in Stationaries

Detail shots have become a staple in the wedding industry. Detail shots include your invitation suites, your something blue, loose florals from your wedding (more on this later), your jewelry, your shoes, and so much more! Personalized stationaries not only elevates your wedding day flat lay, but also sets the stage for your guests upon receiving their invitations! Your wedding day invitations can become a remembrance and souvenir of the most important day of your life. After all, it’s the day that you vowed your forever to the love of your life!

Handlettering + Digital Designer Suggestion: Etchings By Emma

Implement A Dress Code For You Guests

This one is a big one, and it does not cost you a dime! Okay, it’s your big day. All the planning has been done and everything looks perfect… until Uncle Bob shows up in his dad shirt and cargo shorts, paired perfectly with the slippers he wears to run errands at Target. Is this the photo that you’d look back on in twenty-five years and admire? The answer is no, not really. We love Uncle Bob and we want to make sure he’s looking ravishing in your family photos! After all, these are what will be hung on mom and dad’s walls! Implementing a dress code for your guests ensures that your wedding photos and overall vibe of the wedding stays elevated. High-end family portraits in conjunction with your high-end feeling wedding day… now that’s the vibe we’re definitely going for! You can include dress code information in your invitation suite! It’s as easy as that!


Justine Grace

Wedding Flat Lay with Rings
Flat Lay Designed by Paige Lorin Photography
Floral Design by Urban Desert Flora

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