A Desert Post-Wedding Photoshoot

First off, what is a desert post-wedding photoshoot? If you’re itching to wear your wedding attire again and take some epic and breathtaking photos of you and your new spouse, you can schedule a post-wedding photoshoot in your attire! Another term for this is the Day After Bridals. I one-hundred-percent recommend doing this!

Anyways, back to the story at hand: Amanda & Taylor’s Desert-Post Wedding Photoshoot!

Alright, you guys—this one feels like it’s straight from a fairy tale. I am so excited to share Amanda & Taylor’s photos with you. As I review these photos, I can’t help but squeal at how perfect of a couple these two are. Their story began one day in a bible study group program called Young Life Leader. Immediately upon seeing each other, they were drawn to one another’s company. Amanda knew he was the one. Through their passion for soccer, being enrolled in Grand Canyon State University, and love for Christ, their relationship truly blossomed.

As perfect and amazing as this story might sound, Amanda and Taylor had a falling apart in the first stages of their relationship. As human nature has it, we tend to shy away from the blessings and gifts that God grants us. It was not until a Young Life Leader’s retreat that they embraced the idea of being meant for each other, as God would have it. Fast forward, nine months, Taylor got down on one knee and popped the question: “Will You Marry Me?”

Fast forward to the night of their wedding, on the dance floor, Amanda and Taylor finally had a moment with each other—as husband and wife. A moment to breathe in and realize that a lifetime of love and adventure awaits their relationship, a moment to simply take in the amazing blessing that was provided to them out of the blue, yet a moment that was absolutely perfect.

Their relationship is definitely one out of a fairy tale. Their love for each other as well as their love for Christ is definitely one that shines beyond their relationship. It was an absolute blast getting to know Amanda and Taylor and capturing their shared passion.

Amanda & Taylor, I wish you both a lifetime of adventures and blessings. May your love for each other continue to grow, with Christ in the center of your relationship. Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!

Until Next Time!


Justine Grace

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