A Beachside Couple’s Photoshoot

Okay, before we get started on this dreamy couple’s photoshoot, if you know me, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach. Like seriously, it’s one of my happy places! There’s just something about the way the waves kiss the shoreline and the seagulls dance around in the sky–so dreamy!!!!

So, naturally, when I go to California, the beach is one of the places that I visit first. It has always been a dream of mine to photograph couples beachside, so this was also on the agenda. During my recent visit to California, I was able to do just that! This week’s blog post is about Cece and David’s couple’s photoshoot beachside in Laguna Beach, California! And let me tell you how dreamy it was! 

First off, I’d like to give these two a huge shout out because they drove two hours in California traffic just to come shoot with me! If you are local to California, you know how awful this traffic can get! They shared my vision and passion and made the plan work—so a huge shout out to these two for being incredibly amazing! 

Laguna Beach is absolutely breathtaking. I was able to find a secluded beach with rock formation, shade, and most importantly, less people. We started their couple’s session with simple poses such as belly button to belly button and nose to nose with kisses here and there. Their personality shone through the photos as you’ll see below! I always love when my couples are unafraid to show their chemistry in front of my camera. From the random jokes that David told Cece to the contagious laughter they shared, it’s only evident that they were truly made for each other!

As their session progressed, mother nature showed us her breathtaking beauty! Arizona is known for her beautiful sunset skies, but in my opinion, nothing beats sunset by the beach. Scroll down to the photos and you’ll see what I mean—just absolutely breathtaking! Of course, with lighting as perfect as this, we had to continue the moment! 

Cece had a brilliant idea of getting into the water. Of course, I am always down for my clients’ ideas, more so this one because I knew it was going to be epic—again, keep scrolling down for the photos and you’ll know what I mean! David was a true champ and got in the water with Cece. With the waves coming for them, they held each other closer which was even more epic

Do I recommend a couple’s/engagement photoshoot session beachside?! ABSOLUTELY! So, if you’re ever looking for a photographer who will travel miles to capture your love, especially beach side, submit an inquiry on the next page and let’s make dreams happen! 

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Justine Grace

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