If Moments Could Last A Lifetime…

Let’s Get Real, Let’s Get Personal…

Let’s get real. Planning your wedding takes a year or so, for most of us ladies it takes a lifetime. We fantasize about getting married at the age of 6. Your wedding only lasts for 8-10 hours. Your memories of these will live only as long as you do. 

As cliché as this is going to sound, capturing the moment and the emotion is the only way to preserve the memory of your wedding day. 

Picture this: You’re sitting in the living room with your kids who are grown up with their own kids. Your granddaughter is planning her own wedding with the love of her life, and she asks you what you loved about your wedding day and what type of dress you had on. She is in awe of your long-lasting marriage with your spouse and looks up to your marriage. You pull out your wedding album from way back when and you reminisce with the same raw and unfiltered emotion that you felt on the day of your wedding day. You remember feeling nervous right before the start of the ceremony before you walked down the aisle or as you wait at the altar for the love of your life. You remember that feeling of relief as you lock eyes with your hunny because at that very moment, nothing else mattered but you two. You remember feeling a new type of excitement when the officiant announced you as husband and wife. 

All of these emotions, all of these memories are too precious to let go of. 

This is why I love what I do and why I want to live my life doing what I love to do: capturing not only the most special day of your life, but also the emotions that you felt during this day. Now, I’m not saying that I’m the only photographer who feels this way. No. Ask any photographer why they do what they do, and I can guarantee you that they will have a similar answer. We value photographs in our personal lives, and we want to help you reminisce your special day with your future family.

Let’s get personal. Growing up, I only saw and had one photo of my parents. It was in this old frame with gold rims and the words “Happy Anniversary” written on the top and bottom borders of the frame. In frame were my parents, young and smiling so vibrantly. I never saw any wedding photos, never saw any couple’s photos that they took, no JC Penny photos or anything like that. Sure, there were candid photos of them hanging out with friends or our annual New Year’s Eve Family photos with sparklers in hand. They would tell me stories of how they met and how they got married, but never had photos to go along with their stories. Until recently, we went up to Payson in Arizona and I took photos of them for their silver anniversary. Now my mom has these photos everywhere. From her desktop screensaver at work to her Facebook profile picture, to her lock and home screen pictures on her phone, and even in the little screen in my dad’s van. 

Photos and videos hold so much value because at the end of the day, at the end of an era, at the end of whatever moment there is, it is all that we have left. It will outlive us and it is literally forever. 

So in the most unbiased way possible, it is my 100000% recommendation to hire a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer. 


Justine Grace

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