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Let’s Get Real, Let’s Get Personal… Let’s get real. Planning your wedding takes a year or so, for most of us ladies it takes a lifetime. We fantasize about getting married at the age of 6. Your wedding only lasts for 8-10 hours. Your memories of these will live only as long as you do.  […]

If Moments Could Last A Lifetime…

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From the start… it has always been you… Here we are… another year around the sun, seven-hundred and thirty days later. We have both accomplished life goals such as graduating college and buying a house. We have added onto our little family, another four-legged baby. We have taken on new adventures and continue to take […]

730 Days Later…

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Hi There!! For those of you who are new here, my name is Justine Grace. I am the owner and founder of Justine Grace Photography! For those who have previously been here, welcome back! It has been a year since I gave you guys a little life update… so I figured, why not give another […]

Hey, It’s Me!


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