730 Days Later…

From the start… it has always been you…

Here we are… another year around the sun, seven-hundred and thirty days later. We have both accomplished life goals such as graduating college and buying a house. We have added onto our little family, another four-legged baby. We have taken on new adventures and continue to take on more. Life with you is as easy as breathing. Loving you comes so naturally to me. 

You teach me to be more patient. You teach me to be more kind. You teach me to be stronger and less fearful—except when it comes to spiders and bugs. That’s something that will never change. I know you really love me when you wake up at the crack of dawn to kill a spider for me so I can get to my car. 

Supporting you in all of your endeavor has always been my favorite thing to do. Whether it’s renting a ridiculously expensive car for a couple of days, going to five different stores to buy Pokémon cards, taking a random Vegas Trip to buy Balenciaga shoes, or randomly buying a house (okay, maybe this wasn’t so random). I will always have your back and support you, no matter how crazy or serious these endeavors might be. 

Now, I get to support you, love you, and call you mine… Forever. I am beyond excited—as you can already tell—to start this new chapter of our lives. To my best friend, my lover, my lifeline, my *future* husband—there will never be enough words to describe the amount of love I have for you and there will never be enough time to demonstrate this love to you… Here’s to the start of our Forever, ever, after. 

Happy Two Year Anniversary, my hunny!!!

Photo creds to our beyond AMAZING photographer, Paige Lorin Photography. To know her is to be absolutely blessed by her! As a photographer, I always recommend hiring a photographer for a proposal… and Paige went over the moon for these photos, like she ALWAYS Does!!!!

Until Next Time!


Justine Grace

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